18 February 2014

Milton Lloyd perfume dupes

On the world class fragrance website it says:

Milton-Lloyd Limited is a fragrance company, which was established in 1975 meaning that we have relished in over 37 years of passion for creative perfumery. Our philosophy is to always provide high quality, long-lasting fragrances, always offered at the lowest possible price. We at Milton-Lloyd believe that the perfume oil is more important than the packaging and we will guarantee that the perfume oil is exceptionally high.

Milton Lloyd has a pretty extensive range of perfume dupes at £4 check out their website here.

I own five of these dupes:

1.Bondage out(diesel fuel for life)

2.Poker(chance by Chanel)
3.Miss tutu( coco mademoiselle)
4.Love you (j'adore dior)
5.Stars( Alien by Thierry Mugler)

They all smell pretty similar if not exactly the same as the original the only downside is they don't have that much staying power but at £4 a bottle you can just take it in your purse and respray all day.They are nice perfumes to have if you like to wear a different scent daily and don't care much about the bottle looking nice, I have gotten lots of compliments while wearing them, I must say Love you is my definite favourite.

the bottles are nice and simple, I just keep them in their original box for storage.

Heres a dupe list in case you would like to check out the website 

Milton Lloyd For Ladies:

331 - 212
Bondage - JPG
Bondage Extreme - Deep Red
Bondage Out - Fuel For Life
Bondage Temptation - Armani Code
Boutique Girl - Armani She
Buddy - Boss Woman
Calibre Senses - Burberry touch
Calibre UK - Burberry Brit
Chacal - Poison
Cuba - Narciso Rodriguez
DNA - Armani Code
Exodus - Escape
Fame Day - Anais Anais
Fame Night - Oscar
French Look - Rive Gauche
Futurity - Eternity
Grasse Experience - Aromatics Elixir
Great Lakes - Cool Water
Hawaii - Chloe
To Go - Gucci Rush
Joe Girl - Tommy Girl
JoJo - Loulou
Kantali - Opium
Kudos - Clinique Happy
Love - Eden
Love You - J'Adore
Me Too - Joop Femme
Miss America Sport - Polo Sport
Miss Tutu - Coco Mademoiselle
Monaco - Paris
New York Dolls - Boss Femme
Now My Generation - J-Lo Live
Papagayo - Youth Dew
Ping Pong - 1881
Poker - Chance
Popcorn Girls - Touch Of Pink
Spirit Of Heaven - Angel
Spirit Of Shadow - Ghost
Success - L'Eau D'Issey
Summer Flowers - Kenzo Flower
Summer Sky - Light Blue
Superstar - Euphoria
Tactique - Amarige
Tutu Woman - Coco
Vogue - Chanel No.5
Young Love - Romance
Zozo - Giorgio Beverley Hills
The Look - CK One
The Look For Me - CK Be
Pure Gold Lady - Lady Million
Weekend - Pleasures
Arome di Femme - Acqua di Gio

                                           Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Thanks for the list! I'm so spray happy with perfumes I should probably just use the dupes every time anyway!! xx


  2. i had the pure gold lady for christmas and loved it.i would definitely buy some of the others

  3. i had the pure gold lady for christmas and loved it.i would definitely buy some of the others

  4. I am trying to find French look. I can't find it anywhere.