17 February 2014

Ebay Finds

First post...so exciting!!! so here it is drumroll.....

I love my bargains and eBay is hands down the best place to get a good bargain, here are a 10 things I have found on my latest eBay hunts. Need something for cheap? eBay has you covered.

1. Geometric Bat wing Cardigan
Every time I wear this Cardigan I get So Many compliments, and it cost me around  £10, I cant find the seller I bought it from but you can get the same one here! for £13.64 including shipping...trust me its worth the wait!

2. Makeup Brushes 
I have been buying make-up brushes off eBay for years the ones above are my latest buy but I also have the real technique dupes which are amazing, I will cover all the brushes in a review in another post...these brushes come out to less than a pound each including shipping!!! steal!!! you can get them here! they have many different styles so go ahead and take a look!

3. Aquolina gold sugar

 I am a big fan of gourmand scents and gold sugar is definitley my new favorite it is described as a floral bouquet enhanced by gourmand notes. It opens with citrus and neroli, with the heart of the crème brulee and coconut and the base of Australian sandalwood, musk and creamy accord. I got 100 ml on sale on eBay of course! for £20.85 including shipping, get it here!
4. American Apparel Gloria V bodysuit.
This week I decided to try my luck on a few auctions one of  the things I am really excited to have won is this american apparel bodysuit for under 5 pounds, so go ahead search for items that you want and cant normally afford and bid away... just make sure to read the descriptions carefully!

5. Wildfox daisy jumper dupe

With a hefty price tag of £245.00 I think ill pass...but on the other hand for under £5 pounds shipping included I  am starting to think I might like it after all...find it here!

6. Knee Socks

I have a big thing for knee socks, knee socks can make anything look adorable in my book...they can give a feminine edge to just about anything including rain boots...what can I say...knee socks!!!! get them here for under £2 shipping included...just don't go striped...its not cute unless its halloween.
7. Eagle Bib Necklace

When you are completely broke and want to go shopping £20 on eBay gets you very far when it comes to accessories you can get rings for under £1 necklaces for under £3 and bracelets in that  price range...need tips on searching? I will write another post on that soon but in the meantime check out this eagle statement necklace for £2.08 incl. shipping here! its cheap but it's same quality you would get at primark, h and m, or forever 21 at a fraction of the price! the only downside is waiting a month for it to come in the mail...but its exciting if you like getting mail...I do... 

8.Kigu pyjamas

who doesn't like being all warm and toasty in the winter months now add the childlike wonder of dressing up as your favourite animal and there you have it comfort and fun! it makes a great gift for all ages and at a price tag of normally around £50 for under £17 you can't go wrong...get it here! they come in many different styles so there is something for everyone from pink unicorns to dinosaurs.

8. Boho hair crown

Get it here! for £5 its a little pricey but this hair crown is definitely a statement piece that will add a unique touch to any outfit.

9. Nude Suede Lita dupes
Litas are the definite go to for comfort and style, these nude bootie would look great with dresses in spring  or even on a cooler evening paired with jeans or leggings and overszed plaid shirt get the lita look for under £30.00 here!

10. Green Studded bag

Small studded green bag perfect for spring!! what more can I say...Oh yeah it comes to under £10 with shipping. get it here! available in more colors.

I'm going to wrap this post up and call it a day, I cant wait to get started! Ill be back soon with lots of tips, tricks, ideas, and reviews.

                                                 Lots of  love,

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  1. Such awesome suggestions! When I go shopping I usually outfits like a slob and I end up with all the issues you've described here. I discover out out out out it awesome that I never regarded of these factors before and they seem so apparent after you've described it. Thanks bunches!

  2. I'm obsessed with Ebay! I have a knack of deciding to buy things after they have sold out in store so its like a second chance sunday for me!! x